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Version: 8.x.x (Active LTS)

Getting Started

It's easy and quick to get your first React Unity project up-and-running. Just make sure you have your Unity WebGL build ready, and have your React project all set up. There are no specific React requirements, any project will do. If it's the first time working with React, I recommend checking out Vite React template. Both JavaScript and TypeScript are compatible.

Get started by import the Unity and Unity Context classes from the module. The Unity Context model will house all of your configuration, event listeners and references. Create a new Unity Context Object, pass along the paths to your Unity build and assign it to the Unity component in your Render Method. A basic implementation should look something like this.

import React from "react";
import Unity, { UnityContext } from "react-unity-webgl";

const unityContext = new UnityContext({
loaderUrl: "build/myunityapp.loader.js",
dataUrl: "build/",
frameworkUrl: "build/myunityapp.framework.js",
codeUrl: "build/myunityapp.wasm",

function App() {
return <Unity unityContext={unityContext} />;