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Streaming Assets

When using Streaming Assets, a URL (or Path) can be defined where your Unity Application can find these files. The URL will be used as the base of every Streaming Asset request.

Type Definition

Type Definition
type UnityConfig = {
readonly streamingAssetsUrl?: string;

All of the URLs which can be provided to the Unity Config, including the ones mentioned above, are due to their enormous size not included into your bundle. You should place these files in a public directory within your project or use a CDN. This means the files behind these URLs are loaded during runtime and should be accessible by the browser via a public URL.

Example Usage

A basic implementation could look something like this. In the following example we'll set the streaming assets url to the "streamingassets" directory.

import React from "react";
import { Unity, useUnityContext } from "react-unity-webgl";

function App() {
const { unityProvider } = useUnityContext({
loaderUrl: "build/myunityapp.loader.js",
dataUrl: "build/",
frameworkUrl: "build/myunityapp.framework.js",
codeUrl: "build/myunityapp.wasm",
streamingAssetsUrl: "streamingassets",

return <Unity unityProvider={unityProvider} />;